"You are worth finding, worth knowing, worth loving. You and all your million layers. Always hold that close." Danielle Doby

Who We Are

Love Will Foundation is a 501c3 organization in the Greater St. Louis metropolitan

Love Will Foundation Mission

Our mission is to provide free counseling for eligible individuals, build a center of hope and compassion through community engagements, and educate to stand against the mental health stigma.  

Founders AKA Two Moms On A Mission



Sara is a supervisor to the chaos she has created.  She spends her days        mom-ming to five tiny humans, wife-ing to one large human, and working tirelessly with one of the greatest gals she has ever met to build Love Will Foundation.


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Amanda is a mama bear to three little ones.  Her love for 90’s pop culture, all  things vintage,  the outdoors, and coffee runs deep.  She has been dreaming of working for a non-profit for years, and finding the right mission and her soul sister (Sara) was all she needed! She is most excited to build a community of support within LWF and work with families to find the resources they need to improve their well-being.  






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