My oh my, friends! Long time, no update! We have been quite the busy little bees these last few weeks, well, months, really. Thought we would catch you up on all our latest!


We opened a store!! Shop Love Will is now open! This is our custom store where 100% of proceeds go back to Love Will FoundationONE HUNDRED PERCENT guys.

We are slowly adding unique items (either designed or hand picked by us) to the shop! We are jewelry and apparel so, if you love to shop or just “window shop” and haven’t yet, check us out on Facebook! Click right here!!

And then: we are really really really excited about our first annual trivia night! This is a Halloween themed event because guys…


the holiday season…

…need I say more?

We have so many details of the trivia night over on Facebook: beer included, cash bar, bring your own food, costume contest, raffle baskets, 50/50 raffle, trivia questions, prizes…

…you know the jist!

But, what is our goal with this event??!! That maybe needs some attention here! Hopefully by now you now that Love Will Foundation’s goal is three fold:

  • to cover the cost of counseling services for those in need. We are working on building a referral base of counselors within our area so that if you need a counselor but don’t have one, you can check out our data base.
  • Provide information on resources that are available in the community. We will be a one stop shop of where to go for what you need in relation to mental health and community support! If we don’t offer it, we will tell you who does and how to contact them!
  • Community. We are working hard to provide community support in the form of free gatherings. We are so excited about what this means- there will be much more on this in the new year! Stay tuned…

Back to now.

Our goal with trivia night is to raise $4,500 in order to begin offering these services to our community! This amount of money would allow us to fund 100 counseling sessions for 33 individuals! We are hoping to launch our application early 2019!

Sooooo…long story short…if you love trivia, Halloween, fun, or our mission…

click here to buy tickets!

Annnnd…last but not least…

We attended our first Community Services Summit this past week! We met some wonderful organizations within the St. Louis area, listened to fantastic key note speakers including Dr. Timothy J. Bono. He discussed the scientific study of the good life and strategies for life satisfaction. If you want to learn more he has a book “When Likes Aren’t Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness.” Relevant, interesting, thought provoking.

We are also in the middle of a few other fundraisers and working on launching our jewelry line (sneak peek over on Shop Love Will!)

End Scene.

Phew… that is it for now!

Talk soon!

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